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A Place To Call Home

House of Joshua is our residential restoration home and rehabilitation centre for abandoned, orphaned and neglected children.

We aim to provide a 'family environment' where every child is valued and cared for with love in a community of care.

The name 'Joshua' means 'God Saves!' We believe that  it is God's intention and desire that these children be saved from lives of rejection and lonliness and find hope and life in Him.


Education & Health Care

Providing children with the opportunity to learn, grow and receive proper health care and education is vital for each child's rehabilitation and restoration. Our newly renovated in house learning center with library and instrument corner provides an improved environment to support tutoring, study, creative arts, and music pracice.


Bridgeway Transition Care Program

Residential youth who reach 18 years of age can receive further support and care while completing their senior high school or college education. With our new Bridgeway Transition Care Home students can continue their studies, while receiving ongoing support and assistance and develop the necessary life skills for independent living.








Support Our Family

Our large family is 100% reliant on the kind donations of friends and supporters who are partnering with us and investing in children's lives.


You Can Help By: Sponsoring a Child


Supporting Our Home

A monthly donation of £20 or $30 can:

*Rescue a new child and provide immediate clothing, bedding, footwear, toiletries and medicine.

*Provide fuel to transport our children to school.


A monthly donation of £30 or $40 can:

* Provide a 50kg sack of rice to feed all our children for 4 days.



Online donations can be directed via paypal

or through The Conroy Rendon Charitable Trust

Shalam Girl's House is our newest home completed in September 2019.

The home is within the House of Joshua compound, providing care and support for vulnerable girls.



House of Joshua Residential Care

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Family, Faith, Hope & Love

The gift of belonging!